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198 West 21th Street, Suite 721
New York NY 10010
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Over the last 25 years we have successfully undertaken many projects in the field of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, offering complete solutions, adapted to the needs of all clients. We deal with all industrial refrigeration systems, related to refrigeration facilities, along with the conversion and installation of new freon gases. We provide environmentally friendly solutions for the industrial refrigeration sector and cover a wide range of applications, from the process of refrigeration at high temperatures, to very low temperature applications.

With our knowledge of Industrial Refrigeration, we can ensure efficiency and reliability with highly qualified professional support and maintenance in the industry.

Intelligent diagnostic services

Prognostic maintenance. This approach allows for cost savings in conservative maintenance or over time, because work is only performed when justified.

Quick alarm response

Maintenance of a call out system with fast response time anywhere in the world


Over 25 years of experience in the shipping industry!

Our company is by your side for technical advice, diagnostics, inspection,
spare parts, repairs, installation, as well as emergency repairs.

Whatever your needs call us for professional help and advice:

+30 210 4120601